Out of the darkness comes the fire…

Life changed forever for Kathy Browning one fateful day in 1960. Fleeing the tragedy that haunts her, she left her hometown, seeking safety and shelter with her mother in coastal Georgia.

Three years later, she’s moments away from ending the pain once and for all when she’s interrupted by family friend Charles Kelly. Thwarted, Kathy lashes out – but she finally gets the help she needs.

Charles has been intrigued by Kathy ever since a chance meeting at a dinner party. There’s more to her than what she shows the world, and he wants to warm himself with the fire she keeps hidden. But until she heals from the past, he has to settle for being friends.

Kathy is terrified when her affection for Charles changes into something more intimate. The last time she trusted a man, he nearly destroyed her. But she uncovers a depth of passion and love in Charles that calls to her, a wild devotion she might lose forever if she can’t find the courage to reach beyond the devastation of the past.

This book contains adult themes including domestic violence, loss of a child, and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.


Tropes: Second chance following trauma, friend of the family hero, family drama

Heat Level: 4 out of 5; some open-door scenes

Content Warning: This book deals with the aftermath of violent domestic violence. Reader discretion is advised.