Stardust Valley

First loves and second chances. Forgiveness and forever?

Life has beaten up on Sophie pretty harshly through the years, including the crushing heartbreak of losing the first boy she ever loved. The boy she’s never truly gotten over, Noah Campbell. She’s a lot less trusting than she used to be, with good reason. Aside from her best friend – Noah’s brother Eli – she’s been betrayed by everyone she ever cared about.

But she’s never forgotten her feelings for Noah or been able to put them aside, no matter how much she’s wanted to over the years. Now that life and circumstances have thrown them together again, a clash is inevitable. A clash that starts with a stolen kiss…

Noah has loved Sophie since he was a seventeen-year-old kid, but thanks to her manipulative cousin and his own youthful stupidity, he lost her. Being a stubborn Campbell, he takes a while to figure out the truth and his feelings and do something about them. Like… over ten years. It doesn’t help that he’s an introvert who’s a medium, who comes from a long line of people with abilities that “normal” folks don’t have, like shape-shifting. Yeah, there’s that complication.

Can Noah and Sophie finally set aside their hurt and distrust? Or will they give up the chance for happiness with each other in the name of protecting their hearts?

Reading Order:

(From Firefly Essentials Series) Fern Valley

1. Snapdragon Way

2. Stardust Valley

3. Murky Pond

4. Burning Springs

5. Letters from Owen

6. Willow Creek


Tropes: First love second chance, Big Misunderstanding

Heat Level: 4 out of 5; some open-door scenes

Content Warning: This book deals with pregnancy loss.