Firefly Hollow Essentials – The First Eight Books

The first eight books in the Firefly Hollow universe, the dramatic Small Town Women’s Fiction Romance series that follows the Campbell family through generations of love, heartache, and laughter, in one convenient volume.

Book One – Firefly Hollow. The girl next door + the mysterious recluse  = happily ever after?

Book Two – Kathy. Out of unspeakable tragedy comes a second chance at life and happiness. 

Book Three – Butterfly Lane. A marriage in trouble. Two broken hearts. Can they heal their wounds and find each other again?

Book Four – Dragonfly Creek. Can a second chance at a first love work?

Book Five – Cattail Ridge. Their biggest obstacle to happily-ever-after is convincing themselves they both deserve a chance at a new beginning…

Book Six – Cricket Cove. She thinks he’s a stubborn mule with a stick up his backside. He thinks she’s a flighty airhead who takes nothing seriously. And between them, there’s enough electricity to light up the planet.

Archer’s Cat – The bonus short story full of unexpected surprises for Archer and Emma and their growing family. 

Book Seven – Stormking Road. Sydney Campbell Gibson is all grown up now. Divorced and mostly over it, she returns to her hometown, ready to get on with her life. She wants a husband and a family. What she finds is a new job with a family friend who doesn’t want to hire her. And if that isn’t mortifying enough, she’s still hopelessly in love with the man.

Book Eight – Fern Valley. Been there, done that. As far as Rachel is concerned, one relationship with a cop was more than enough for this lifetime. She’s forty-seven, her son is in college, and she isn’t looking for love. Especially not with the gorgeous state trooper twelve years her junior who just moved in across the street.


Tropes: Guy Next Door, Grumpy Hero, Second Chance after Trauma, Marriage in Trouble, Second Chance with First Love, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Brother’s Best Friend, Age-Gap Office Romance (Older Man), Age-Gap Girl Next Door (Older Woman.)

Heat Level: 3-4 out of 5; some open-door scenes