Malice Murder

What starts as a quest for answers about her father’s disappearance quickly takes a deadly turn…

Detective Stacy Kirchner awakens covered in blood next to a dead man, charged with his murder. But she has no memory of the crime or how she got there – and no way to defend herself. For all she knows, she really did pull the trigger. With everything on the line, she reluctantly turns to the one person who can help – devastatingly attractive former FBI agent Galen Gordon.

Gordon has finally made peace with his own past, and he’s ready to rebuild his life. He’s been biding his time with Stacy, waiting for the shy detective to learn to trust him before he makes his move. When the call comes that she’s in trouble, he rushes to her side. Once again, he’s facing a grim future – the real threat of losing another woman he loves.

If they can’t find the truth in time, Stacy will take the deadly fall, and they’ll never have the chance to start again…


Widowed Hero, Friends to Lovers, Female Detective, Second Chances