Pinecone Trail

Her name belongs to a dead woman. She’s hiding from a man who’d like to see her dead. And her neighbor wants to steal her heart…

Weary and scared, Abigail Muncy arrives on the stagecoach in London, Kentucky. For years now, she’s looked over her shoulder, always expecting trouble to come riding over the horizon. When it does, she’s forced to flee her home once again. Tired of running, she’s hoping to make it far enough away from the past this time to be safe from discovery once and for all.

Phillip Wells is a man looking to settle down, ready to consider marrying again following the loss of his beloved wife. When he meets his charming new neighbor, his heart sits up and takes notice. But it soon becomes apparent that Abby is carrying a weight on her heart, one that might be too heavy to allow for that second chance Phillip is longing to have.

He can only hope that he’s strong enough to help Abby fight her ghosts so that they can go forward with living together.


Tropes: Secret identity, love after divorce, Guy/girl next door, reluctant heroine

Heat Level: 4 out of 5; some open-door scenes

Content Warning: This book deals with pregnancy loss and the aftermath of domestic violence.