Snapdragon Way

He needs forgiveness. He isn’t expecting to find love…

After a near-fatal accident ends Eli’s career in the Army, he returns home, uncertain of what kind of welcome he’ll receive from his family. He did a lot of stupid things as a teenager, hurting them deeply. Especially his brother Noah, whose forgiveness he isn’t sure he deserves. He just knows he has to try.

He’s turned upside down again when he meets Haley, his physical therapist. With a heart-stopping smile that punches him in the gut, and enough sass and backbone to enchant him, she represents another example of a second chance he’d never thought to have—a second chance at love.

Haley isn’t prepared for the longing Eli stirs up inside her. Her life is nowhere near uncomplicated at the moment. With the weight of her grandfather’s care resting on her shoulders, she barely has time to breathe, much less fall in love. Still, she finds herself drawn to Eli, and once he’s no longer her patient, she can’t resist his charm.

But the bitter past isn’t ready to be forgotten yet. And this time, if the past wins, Eli will lose everything he’s rebuilt with the people he loves.

Reading Order:

(From Firefly Essentials Series) Fern Valley

1. Snapdragon Way

2. Stardust Valley

3. Murky Pond

4. Burning Springs

5. Letters from Owen

6. Willow Creek


Tropes: Love after divorce, Crush turned love, Reluctant heroine, Hero needing family redemption, Big misunderstanding

Heat Level: 2 out of 5; some intimate scenes, no sex