Firefly Hollow Collection, Volume One

The first three books in the Firefly Hollow universe, Small Town Women’s Fiction Romance with the teensiest touch of paranormal magic…

Book One – Firefly Hollow. 

Love was never part of his plan. Until she came along and changed everything.

Owen Campbell is a man with secrets. He finds comfort in isolation, keeping to himself in the mountains of Kentucky. But when his lovely neighbor Sarah returns from college, he finds himself enchanted. Even though he knows better than to risk his heart, he can’t resist the pull toward her.

As they begin to fall for each other, family tragedies and misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart. Will the secrets they keep and the heartache they endure be enough to drive them away from each other forever? Or will they find the strength and courage to fight for a love that’s worth all the risks?

Book Two – Kathy. 

Out of the darkness comes the fire…

The last time Kathy Browning trusted a man, he nearly destroyed her, body and soul. So when an unlikely friendship leads her to uncover a depth of passion and love in Charles Kelly that calls to her, she’s terrified. Charles offers her a wild, steady devotion she might lose forever if she can’t find the courage to reach beyond the devastation of the past.

Charles has been captivated by Kathy since the moment he laid eyes on her. He sees the pain and fear in her eyes, but he also sees the strength and courage and fire that burns within her heart. He wants to be the one to help her heal, to love her fiercely and unconditionally…and to be loved by her in return.

Book Three – Butterfly Lane. 

He has her heart. But does she still have his?

For John, marriage was supposed to be easy. Find the person you love, marry them, have children, and live happily ever after. When Zanny catches him being kissed by a coworker, he never expects her to not believe in his innocence. As he watches his relationship with Zanny crumble, he realizes their marriage is in serious trouble. Trouble he wasn’t even aware existed…

Zanny is left questioning everything. Is their love enough to overcome this? Can she trust John again? And most importantly, does he still love her, or was it all just a lie? The answers may be hiding in the secrets John is keeping, but she doesn’t know. Because despite his declarations of love, John isn’t talking…


Tropes: Guy Next Door, Grumpy Hero, Second Chance after Trauma, Marriage in Trouble

Heat Level: 3-4 out of 5; some open-door scenes