Letters from Owen

Hidden in an attic, tucked under the eaves, is a dusty box containing a treasure more precious than gold…

Every year, Sarah Campbell throws an annual spring cleaning party. These days, she recruits some of her grandkids to get the job done. She knows to expect joking, teasing, friendly shenanigans, and not a little laughter from her family. This year’s crew doesn’t disappoint – with Colin, Easton, and Sadie helping, there’s never a dull moment.

But in the middle of cleaning, Colin stumbles across an old chest in the attic, a chest that contains a box of letters thought to have been lost decades earlier. The housework screeches to a halt as she and her husband, Owen, surrounded by family, explore the memories contained within the wooden box.

Spanning more than a decade, the correspondence tells the story of the early years of their marriage, commemorating the events that pepper a relationship through time – births, deaths, losses, joys, arguments, frustrations… and, most of all, love.

Letters from Owen is a bonus, standalone novella. While it can be read at any point, to avoid spoilers, it’s probably best to read it after Burning Springs.

Reading Order:

(From Firefly Essentials Series) Fern Valley

1. Snapdragon Way

2. Stardust Valley

3. Murky Pond

4. Burning Springs

5. Letters from Owen

6. Willow Creek


Epistolary; Collection of short stories through the years

Heat Level: 4 out of 5; some open-door scenes

Content Warning: This book deals with pregnancy loss.