Olman County Collection,
Volume Two – Books 5-8

Books 5-8 of the Olman County
Small Town Romantic Suspense Series.
All four books in one convenient collection… 

Welcome to Leroy, the small Indiana town on the banks of the Ohio River where mischief, murder, and mayhem have a tendency to interfere with falling in love. 

Book Five, Malice Murder: Stacy and Gordon struggle with their painful pasts to reach for each other, all the while fighting to clear her name and find the real culprit. (Second chance romance, widowed hero.)

Book Six, Proof of Deception: Carrie and Robbie finally admit they’re more than friends, but the truth about her past rises up to tear them apart. (Friends to lovers romance.)

Book Seven, Watching: Joely and Garrett work together to track down her stalker, all the while falling in love. (Single dad romance.)

Book Eight, Redemption: Desi and Jason have to work past his distrust to rekindle the love they felt for each other as kids, all the while dealing with a dangerous burglar who threatens to destroy everything. (Grumpy cop, second-chance romance.)


Four full-length books. One convenient collection.