Sometimes, the weight of secrets can shatter even the noblest of hearts…

For nearly three decades, Sheriff Wyatt Dixon has worn a badge in Olman County, committed to protecting and serving its citizens. But when a malicious blackmail letter threatens to unravel his world, the very foundation of his honor is shaken to its core.

Wyatt isn’t the only victim. The ominous demands reach far beyond the sheriff’s department, plunging the town’s influential figures into a state of panic as they seek to silence the ominous threats.

To make matters worse, Wyatt’s finally ready to act on his attraction to the county’s IT director, Maria Pace—a woman young enough to be his daughter. If the blackmailer gets their way, they won’t even make it past their first date.

With the stakes climbing, his personal life under a microscope, and his county turned upside down, Wyatt faces the toughest decision of his career. Does he stay and fight for all that he’s worked for? Or does he walk away from everything, including the woman he loves?



Age Gap – Older Man, Younger Woman, Romance at Work, Second Chances, Widowed Hero