Burning Springs

Sometimes a detour can lead to love…

When nurse practitioner Molly Campbell runs away from home, she isn’t planning to become a waitress in a diner; it just happens. She’s even more surprised to find herself with a huge crush on one of the diner’s patrons – a reclusive, slightly grumpy, seriously gorgeous artist with trust issues and a meatloaf addiction. Not that a man like Jonah Sutton would ever look twice at someone like her…

Jonah isn’t sure about the redhead his aunt has hired to help in the diner. Badly burned in the past, he’s convinced Molly is hiding something. He vows to stick close so he can keep an eye on the potential troublemaker. His watchfulness is just a precaution, that’s all – it has absolutely nothing to do with how nicely Molly’s uniforms fit her curves.

Soon, his suspicion turns to intrigue. When a crisis hits close to home, he’s more than happy to step up and offer her his support. He doesn’t panic until she accepts, and they find themselves fighting to keep things platonic. After all, he’s not looking for romance… or is he?

Reading Order:

(From Firefly Essentials Series) Fern Valley

1. Snapdragon Way

2. Stardust Valley

3. Murky Pond

4. Burning Springs

5. Letters from Owen

6. Willow Creek


Tropes: Secret identity, grumpy hero, forced proximity, crush turned love

Heat Level: 4 out of 5; some open-door scenes