Vanishing Point

A pretty smile can hide an ugly betrayal. And with murder, the past is never really dead…

Chase learned those lessons the hard way. For ten years, he’s carried the weight of his college girlfriend’s unsolved murder, the memories of Kiely’s death stopping him from living a full life. But now he’s found a woman who speaks to him body and soul. Someone he’s able to trust, someone worth taking a risk for. Someone he loves.

His sister’s best friend, Annie. Wonder of wonders, she might just love him back.

But when the killer makes contact on the anniversary of Kiely’s murder, the evidence he sends her family makes Chase the prime suspect. Innocent of that crime, he isn’t without secrets that he doesn’t want exposed. Worse, now Annie is the target of a madman who’ll stop at nothing to make Chase suffer. If the investigator in charge gets his way, Chase will be behind bars, unable to protect her.

With time running out to identify the real killer, Chase might just end up facing his worst nightmare all over again…


Best Friend’s Brother, Friends to Lovers, Virgin Hero, Second Chances