Firefly Hollow Collection, Volume Two

Books 4-6 in the Firefly Hollow universe, Small Town Women’s Fiction Romance with the teensiest touch of paranormal magic…

Dragonfly Creek

Can a second chance at a first love work? Or will the agony of the past be too much for them to overcome?

Ben loved Ainsley with his whole heart, but she married someone else and left him shattered. Five years later, he still hasn’t healed. His heart still aches for her, but he’s determined to move on and build a life without her.

Ainsley has had her own struggles to overcome. After years of addiction, she’s finally found stability and is determined to put the past behind her. But returning to the small town where she lost so much brings back memories she’s been trying to forget.

Cattail Ridge 

Sometimes, love is the hardest obstacle of all.

For five years, Archer has loved Emma from afar, watching her from the sidelines as she raised her daughter and built a life for herself. He’s never been brave enough to tell her how he feels, always convinced that he’s not good enough for her. But when a single, passionate kiss changes everything, Archer is forced to confront his deepest fears and take a chance on love.

Emma has always been a survivor, but she never expected to find love again. She’s been hurt before, and she’s not sure she’s ready to open her heart to anyone else. But when Archer comes into her life, all of her doubts and fears begin to melt away. He’s kind, compassionate, and deeply in love with her, and she can’t help but be swept up in his arms.

But as they explore their newfound love, Archer and Emma are haunted by their pasts. They must confront their deepest fears and insecurities if they want to build a future together. Can they find the courage to take a risk on love, or will their pasts keep them apart forever?

Cricket Cove

They say love is a battlefield, but for Amelia and Logan, it’s a warzone.

Amelia has a gift for matchmaking, but when it comes to her own love life, she’s lost. That is, until Logan, her best friend’s brother, comes to town. He’s the kind of man who makes her heart race and her head spin, but he’s also stubborn and guarded, with enough emotional armor to keep her at arm’s length.

Logan has been through the worst that life has to offer, and he’s not sure he’s ready to let anyone in, especially not Amelia. She’s a ray of sunshine in his dark world, but he’s seen too much darkness to believe in something as pure as her light. Yet, no matter how hard he tries to resist her, he keeps getting drawn back to her, like a moth to a flame.

As they navigate their complicated feelings for each other, a dangerous threat looms on the horizon, putting Amelia’s life in danger. Logan will have to confront his demons and use all the skills he learned as a soldier to keep her safe. But when the enemy finally reveals its face, will that be enough to protect her from harm?


Tropes: Second Chance with First Love, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Brother’s Best Friend, Girl Who Got Away, Love from Afar

Heat Level: 3-4 out of 5; some open-door scenes