Cattail Ridge

Their biggest obstacle to happily-ever-after is convincing themselves they both deserve a chance at a new beginning…

Emma Campbell has given up on finding an everlasting, devoted passion – until the day family friend Archer Gibson kisses her. In a hot, steamy flash, everything the single mom thinks she knows about herself is called into question. And forget pretending that Archer isn’t the sexiest, most appealing man she’s ever laid eyes – or lips – on. Suddenly, it’s all she can do to keep from jumping him in the kitchen.

For five years, Archer has loved Emma, but he’s never been ready to reach out. Sure, they’re friends. He thinks of the Campbells as his family, of Emma’s daughter as his own. Only, friendship and the status quo isn’t enough anymore. He wants to belong to Emma, body and soul. But he’s uncertain and vulnerable – the last time he let a woman get close to his heart, she tried to kill him.

Helpless to stop their friendship from growing into more, they quickly reach the point of no return. Do they stay together as more, or do they walk away? Staying means finding the courage to walk through their painful pasts to get to each other, and neither is sure that’s a risk they’re willing to take…


Tropes: Best friend’s sister, Love after trauma, Family friend hero, Single mom reluctant heroine

Heat Level: 2 out of 5; no sex, just intimacy