There are two lines on the pregnancy test and more hunky potential daddies than a girl can shake a pregnancy test stick at…

Coworkers Jasmine and Roni have been friends forever. So when Roni tells Jasmine she’s pregnant, it comes as quite a shock – especially when Roni tells her she isn’t exactly sure who the baby daddy is. Is he their married coworker, the one she’s been banging in the boss’s office during lunch? Or the model-handsome waiter at her favorite restaurant? Maybe the male couple she had a ménage with?

To make matters worse, Jasmine has a huge, steamy crush on their unattainable, hot billionaire playboy boss. Thanks to Roni’s outlandish pregnancy-induced cravings, Christian is now aware of her condition – and he’s not happy. Irritated by Roni’s theatrics, he’s suddenly everywhere Jasmine is, and her resistance to his charms is growing weaker by the minute.

Who’s Your Baby Daddy? is a steamy, sexy romantic comedy, a short story intended for mature audiences only who promise not to take it too seriously. It contains snarky language and hot adult sexual situations, including cheating, threesomes, and some almost-public sex with a surprising twist at the end. This isn’t a happily-ever-after story, but there’s definitely a bright promise for a happy future. Reader discretion is advised.