I have to get the electric stove ready to go tonight. In theory, the gas stove will be delivered tomorrow. I say in theory because I have no faith in humanity. This way, if it works out, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and will have avoided disappointment. Right? 
In any event, when we put in a new section countertop a few weeks back on the right-hand side of the stove, it was a tight fight. Like… I’m worried that we might have to disassemble that section of the kitchen in order to get the new stove to fit properly or to get the old one out. I’m tempted to go out to the shop and get Charlie the jigsaw (yes, I named him – don’t you all name your tools????) and do a pre-emptive hack. We’ll see what hubby thinks here in a few. I don’t want to bother him right now – after all, he fought the battle of the bathroom vanity for me earlier (installing a new one and having to replace all the plumbing of the drain all the way to the wall, oops!). I’ll let him recover from that battle before springing a new one on him. 
Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly. And the prep for it that we have to do tonight too. One thing’s certain though – I kind of doubt I’m going to get any other work done this week. It’s been one distraction after another, and I can’t write with chaos. I need to work on that. Chaos is present more often than it isn’t, and it isn’t a reasonable excuse unless it’s a different kind of chaos.