I’ll keep this one short and sweet. It’s gloomy and wet here, really feeling like fall and winter in light and atmosphere. I don’t think I’m ready for this seasonal shift, but at the same time, I kind of welcome the change. Winters here so far haven’t been bad, and there’s something to be said for being able to open a window and inhale crisp, cool air.

I have a pile of books to slog through, none of them fiction. Titles such as Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, Nutrition: An Applied Approach, and Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition should give you an idea of where my mind is going these days. I’m actually enjoying the learning, though it’s slow going since my focus is a bit split and I’m still trying to get some actual writing in during the day as well. I also have some writing-related books I’m tackling, and I’m doing some online courses and lectures on craft.

So with that in mind, what’s in your TBR pile? That stands for “To Be Read” in case anyone isn’t familiar with the acronym. Are you reading anything awesome and exciting, fiction or non?

Something that I feel is a positive about the turning of summer to fall is the rise of cheesy sci-fi horror movies. I love those things! And more than the movies, the documentaries on the lizard monsters and wolfmen and my personal favorite, sheepsquatch. Okay, he’s not my personal favorite – Mothman is, and that’s one unexplained phenomenon I find to be totally, utterly creepy. Back when the Richard Gere movie came out, right around the time we watched it, we had a landline phone. And for days after we watched that movie, we had incomplete rings, static-filled calls from nobody, and other odd occurrences. I still can’t explain that, and that movie has stayed with me. Regardless, I eat those things up, though since we cut the cord, I have to be creative about where I stream them (legally, I promise. No piracy support here.) Anyone else fans of such things? Have any recommendations you can share? I’ll bring the popcorn!

Happy Reading (and watching!)

T. L.