I apologize in advance. This post will ramble some. Apparently, I’m more sleep deprived than I thought.

I’m watching my husband play Minecraft Story Mode. Way back before the PS4 came out, we had the PS3. In a lot of ways, I prefer the PS3 over the 4. While it didn’t have the bells and whistles that came with the new iteration of Sony’s gaming console, the PS3 was–at least for me–a tremendously stable system.

Regardless, things change. Nowadays, we don’t turn the PS4 on that often. We have less free time now, and I think our interests have changed as well. I was never that into computer or video games, though my husband grew up playing them.

Sitting here, watching him play Minecraft Story Mode, I’m left with a couple of impressions. Firstly, I prefer plain old Minecraft. I never liked to build things, and I always played in easy mode, but I did enjoy digging for treasure. The other thing that strikes me is that simple can be more appealing than complex.

As far as games go, my absolute favorite video game of all time is Mini Ninjas. I could happily spend hours to this day playing that game. I’d love to see them come up with a sequel, though I doubt it would be as good as the first. Sequels often are not as compelling as their predecessors. You see that phenomenon with books, movies, albums.

If there’s one exception to that rule when it comes to video games, I would say Uncharted might just be that exception. I’ve never played it myself, but I’ve watched my husband make his way through the first four releases. I’d love to see it turned into a TV series or a series of movies. Much of the groundwork is already laid, and it wouldn’t be that difficult to turn the games into other forms of entertainment. There’s even a short film out there, produced by and starring Nathan Fillion. If you’ve not seen it, and if you’re a fan of either Nathan Fillion or Uncharted, you might consider heading over to the Google machine or YouTube to find that treasure.

As for me, I’m just going to sit here, pet the new kitten, and zone out for a while.

Happy reading!

T. L.