I completely flaked on blogging on Saturday and Sunday. I do apologize. Saturday was game day with friends, and I had intended to blog before they arrived. Well, it simply didn’t happen. Sunday was just a mess of a day, and putting two words together was beyond me. No, there was no alcohol or illicit drugs involved. We’re teetotalers. And no, no excuses – I just didn’t want you all to think I’d decided to eat bonbons instead of blogging.

It’s been rainy and cool here today. Overcast, gloomy, and even though it technically is still summer, today was a fall day. I’m not ready for that, but I’ll get over it. I’ll enjoy the crispness of the air when we reach that stage of the season, the pretty colors the trees put on, the ability to open windows in the evening. But for now, I’m mourning summer just a bit.

Our east coast is about to be slammed by a powerful hurricane. We’ll likely see some of that rain here in southeastern Kentucky, but my heart aches thinking about what the people in Virginia and North Carolina are going to be facing. I have friends and family in both states, and this storm could be devastating. Let’s hope it fizzles before that happens.

Pip the Kitten is a bundle of joy who is an early riser. We’re getting used to each other’s schedules I think. She goes for her “spa day” surgery this Friday. Hubby and I will be an absolute wreck. She’s perfectly healthy, but we’ve had awful, tragic luck the last couple of years with our cats, and we worry.

We lost our orange “sweet potato” Julius back in June. “Sweet potato” because he was so laidback, and hubby liked to tease that he was a couch potato in a feline body. I always countered with sweet potato because not only was he orange, he was as sweet as they get. He had a bad heart, and he was diagnosed over two years ago. We were given a six-month prognosis, a year at most then, so we had much more time with him than we expected. Still, he was our only cat for close to two years, and losing him simply wrecked us. I don’t know that we’ll ever really get over that.

On the trail cam front, it’s pretty quiet around here most of the time. I did catch some raccoons nosing around a few nights ago, and a teenager who should have been home in bed wandering down the street at four in the morning. At least, he looked like he was a teenager. He could have been thirty for all I know. No more orbs have shown themselves, which is interesting.

I’m considering adding another trail cam at some point on the property. It’d be neat to capture the goings on at night—what little there are—from a different angle. Maybe with the addition of another camera, we’d see more orbs.

Hubby is fighting the battle of the curtains with the kitten. She has him wrapped around her paws, and he’s not going to win this one, I think. She’s as stubborn as he is, which is fitting for a Haddix. They are not known for being meek and malleable, unlike my family, who are all agreeable and easy-going. And if you believe that… I have a bridge to sell you. 😉

Happy Reading!

T. L.