It’s rainy, rainy, and rainy here in this neck of the woods. Has been for a couple or three days now. With the exception of the afternoon where I dug the sweet potatoes day before yesterday, rainy. There are flood warnings and advisories out all over the place, and it’s good weather for ducks. That’s all.

Surgery update – We’re looking at a late October date unless it gets moved up. If I can get cleared by my cardiologist tomorrow (please, please, please let him clear me without further tests), I may get in sooner. There was a cancellation for next week, and I had to say no because I hadn’t seen him yet. That was a bit frustrating. BUT it will happen when it is supposed to, not before. Unless my symptoms get a lot worse, I can handle waiting. That was not, by the way, a dare to the universe.

The good news is, that gives me time to improve my general fitness a bit, get some things straightened up around the house, and hopefully finish Easton’s book. With any luck, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Fingers crossed!

Supper tonight is going to be “not sure what” and that’s the official version. I know what I want – which is something I shouldn’t have. I have the feeling that might win out though. What’s cooking at your place?

Are any of you fans of kimchi? We can get King’s here locally, but when we made a trip up to the “big city” of Lexington (it really is a big city these days), we found Mother’s at Trader Joe’s. I’d seen it referenced here and there, so I grabbed a jar. Oh, my. It’s lovely. I like to throw a little of that in with some sauerkraut and some cooked, shredded beef, sauté it up until it’s warm, and enjoy that. It probably doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but if you like ribs and sauerkraut, you might give it a shot.

I would kill a dead man for some ribs and sauerkraut right now, by the way. Or barbequed ribs for that matter. I can’t do pork though. 🙁 Those of you who can, enjoy!

Hubby just watched a preview of the latest installment of Fallout (video game). The song in the preview is a version of Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver. I’ve never been a fan of his necessarily, but that song… It gives me chills. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of simpler times and we’re not far from West Virginia geographically. Maybe it’s because it’s a post-apocalyptic version of the world. Possibly it’s a combination of both.

I “picked up” a book from Amazon a couple of days ago that I’m looking forward to starting. Southern Folk Medicine by Phyllis D. Light. It came up as an also-bought in my search  history since I’ve been digging into all this natural medicine. I started reading the sample, and I couldn’t put it down! Well, I had to – I had work to do. But I ordered the book. It’s here beside me, tempting me. She starts out talking about digging ‘sang (ginseng) with her father and grandfather, and her voice is compelling. She’s from down in Alabama, which is still part of Appalachia.

For nonfiction reading, I prefer paperbacks or other printed versions. They’ve done studies that show we retain more information when we read from paper than from digital, and I believe it. That theory certainly holds true with me. In this case, the eternal “they” know what they’re talking about, methinks.

We had to cancel the Kickstarter campaign for the game my husband developed. It wasn’t doing well, and he decided to pull the plug. Instead, he’ll be going directly to Amazon and to the fans who want to buy it. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you the link when it goes live. It’s a card game based around zombies, but it isn’t gory or violent. If you’re curious about that, you can visit for more details.

I think that’s about everything in my head today. Not much to report, really. I hope you all are well.

Happy Reading!

T. L.