Technology often isn’t my friend. I don’t interact well with electronic devices—too much energy in my body, and I tend to short them out. And cords, let me tell you… I can tangle anything that resembles a string, including power cords, into a mess that will try the patience of a saint. Since I like to knit and crochet, this is somewhat hilarious.

And I don’t like all these tech companies like Facebook and YouTube holding as much power over us as they do. I think they’re too big, and I think we need more options. Options are essential for a free market to thrive. It’s like Henry Ford said… you can have any color you want so long as it’s black. That’s not a good thing. Options and alternatives keep people honest.

With that being said, I love what YouTube represents as far as the wide array of subjects available.

Without signing up for college and paying tuition, if I’m diligent about doing my research first, I can seek out lectures and classes on YouTube that are either directly uploaded by professors or are college-course quality. If I need to know how to fix my dishwasher or service my antique sewing machine, YouTube. Want to know how to make plant-based “cheese” sauce? YouTube. Need to figure out how to cook cuisines other than the one you grew up or learned to cook in? YouTube.

We cut the cord back about two years ago now. Since keeping the TV on in the background was one way I stayed focused, I really worried that I’d not be able to function without the constant influx of noise. I’m happy to report that hasn’t been the case, and in fact, we’re now at the point where regular programming annoys the snot out of us. All those commercials! The fast format that doesn’t allow for time to get to know the person being interviewed. Seriously, once you get used to the YouTube or long-format interviews, what you see on the regular news is basically a soundbite. And did I mention no commercials?

We do have a couple of streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime. But mostly, we’re YouTube users. And I couldn’t be happier with that. There’s real freedom in having cut the cord. We’ve discovered new worlds out there. And that’s a nice thing. Broadening horizons from the comfort of home. Doesn’t get much better than that.