Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment. Routine, a follow-up, nothing to write home about really. At least, not the visit itself. What happened in the waiting room however, that was noteworthy.

As hubby and I were sitting there, in comes a guy who looks to be in his early twenties. He’s with his lady friend, girlfriend, wife, whatever. Out of habit, I glanced up to see who had come into the room.

I was not expecting to see a real-life incarnation of Archer and Emma Gibson’s youngest son Carter.

You know how when you see someone you know, your brain says in a split second “you recognize this person” and then processes the where and how? Yeah. That’s what happened yesterday. Except the “where and how” are in my mind!

Now, Archer looks quite a bit like Chris Hemsworth. Not identical, but if they ever make movies of those books, he could play him. 😉 And this guy literally could have been a Hemsworth brother. I did a double—perhaps triple—take. I was never so tempted to sneak a picture of someone in my life, but I managed to resist. HIPAA and privacy and all that. From someone who was embarrassed at the notion of driving past a celebrity’s house with family members to see if we could see them once upon a time, that I wanted to sneak a picture of this guy is saying something.

Do you know how hard it is to sit in a chair, see a guy who could pass for someone who exists only in your head and in the world you’ve created in books, and not break out into the giggles? Let me tell you, it’s flipping difficult. I waited with bated breath to see what happened when his lady friend was called back for her vitals or what have you. If her last name had been Gibson, I’m telling you, I would have lost my mind on the spot and burst into laughter. I would not have been able to hold it back.

I also wanted to say, “Hey, buddy! Who is this chick you’re with? She’s not who you end up with! Do your parents know about this?” That really wouldn’t have gone over well, especially considering the type of doctor’s office we were in and her noticeable baby bump. Oh, dear. Yeah, I might have needed bail money or keys to a straight jacket after that one.

Fortunately, they didn’t say her last name when they called her back. That saved my butt from having some odd stares sent my direction, no doubt. As soon as we were called back and hubby and I were in a room, I grabbed his arm and was all, “Dude!!!!! The guy in the gray shirt!!!!!” and then promptly broke into laughter.

For some reason, he wasn’t as amused as me. Huh.

In any event, it’s the second time something similar has happened in recent days. When we went into Sears to look at stoves, I’m telling ya… the guy there could have been cast as Easton when he was about eighteen or nineteen. That, I found more amusing and sweet. For some reason, seeing “Carter” threw me more. Maybe because it did occur so closely on the heels of seeing “Easton.” It’s enough to make a girl wonder if she’s having hallucinations, let me tell you.

Suffice it to say, I’m a bit wary now of making another trip down to Corbin, which is the small town where both of the “boys” were sighted. Good grief, who’s next? Logan? Amelia? Owen??? If THAT happened, I literally would have to be carted away on a gurney. My little old mind couldn’t handle it.

With any luck that won’t happen – but if they ever do make movies of those books, I know where to send them to do the casting!

Happy Reading!

T. L.