Let’s talk about cryptids. What are cryptids, you ask? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a cryptid is “An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.” (I’m usually a Merriam-Webster gal, but to my surprise, they didn’t have an entry for cryptid!) So Bigfoot and Sasquatch and Mothman and all those creatures of lore we hear about so often these days are cryptids.

Now, I happen to be in the believer camp. I think there’s something out there, that we don’t know nearly as much as we like to think we do about the natural world that surrounds us. I know not everyone shares that belief, and that’s fine. There’s room for all of us on this globe. Why do I believe they exist? There’s too much evidence, even though the majority of it is circumstantial, that says they do for there not to be something. Too much smoke without there being any fire, I guess you could say.

If you’re familiar with the Firefly Hollow series, you know I lean on Appalachian paranormal folklore with Owen and his kith and kin being touched by that unexplained magic. In that universe, it’s simply a matter of genetics – and I’ve heard enough whispers through time about ancestors who seemed touched by a bit of that magic that I think there is something there. Maybe not to the level of shape-shifting, but something.

Well, this morning, one of my friends shared a post from a local news station. In reviewing the overnight time-lapse, motion-triggered camera they have set up, they saw something… unexpected. Dare I say someone unexpected? So far as I’m aware, no one is really sure what the entity is. Ghost? Sasquatch? Shape-shifter? 😉 I’ll let you watch the footage and decide for yourself. It starts at about the six-second mark. According to my friend, whom I trust with my life, this is in a deserted stretch of forest with no houses or anything nearby.

Happy Reading! (and watching)

T. L.