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Book Eight in the Firefly Hollow Series.

When Eli Campbell is discharged after an accident ends his career in the Army, he isn’t sure what kind of homecoming to expect. Shoot, he’s not even sure what kind of homecoming he deserves. He did a lot of stupid things as a teenager, and he made a lot of rash decisions that hurt several people. Regardless, he’s determined to set things right with his family, particularly his brother Noah.

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Book Nine in the Firefly Hollow Series.

This is Noah’s story. He loves Sophie, has since he was a seventeen-year-old kid, but thanks to a manipulative troublemaker and because he’s a stubborn Campbell man (or so his female relatives keep telling him), it takes him a while to figure his feelings out and do something about them. Like more than ten years. Also, did I mention that he’s an introvert who happens to be a medium? Who comes from a long line of people with abilities that “normal” folks don’t have, like shape-shifting? Yeah, there’s that.

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Book Ten in the Firefly Hollow Series.

Life changed forever for Kathy Browning one tragic, fateful day in 1960 when her husband murdered their children, another man, and himself in front of her. Three years later, she’s battling serious depression, still trying to pick up enough shattered pieces of what’s left to continue living. She has all but given up when Fate intervenes again, this time in the form of one Charles Kelly. Full of anger, grief, and pain, Kathy’s less than appreciative of his interference, and she doesn’t hesitate to let him know just that.

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Butt in Chair

Folks, I’m here today to alert you to a very serious condition that afflicts hundreds if not thousands of writers every day. It’s called “Butt in Chair” syndrome. It occurs most commonly when a deadline is on the horizon or when plot bunnies are running amok. It can... read more

Undeveloped Ideas

There’s a certain sadness and regret that stems from looking back at undeveloped ideas. Books that never made it to completion, ideas that just never took of for whatever reason. I was glancing at my Goodreads profile the other day, and I was stunned to see that I’d... read more

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