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Book Eleven in the Firefly Hollow Series

Caleb Walker is a veterinarian with a heart of gold and a solid fence built around his emotions. With a nightmare childhood that left scars and a history of failed relationships, he’s decided being alone is the path he’ll walk. But then a meddling, Cupid-playing cousin comes along and sets him up with the very last woman to whom he should be paying romantic attention.

Brooke Harrison is a bit of a dreamer with a soft spot for the doctor despite his clear “No Trespassing” signs. Her crush on Caleb remains private until she agrees to a sort-of blind date that gets sidelined by a veterinary emergency.

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Book Twelve in the Firefly Hollow Series

With one passionate night and one very big mistake, a years-long friendship was sent spinning down the drain. At least, that was what Lily Campbell feared. Not wanting to face the reality of what she’d done with her best friend, she fled across the globe. Months later, with her job ending, she has to return home to Dragonfly Creek Farm and face the man she left behind.

Warren Sullivan suffered unimaginable loss in the past and somehow managed to survive, but Lily running far and fast after the night they spent together cut him to his soul. When she returns, he’s determined to give her the cold shoulder—a resolution that lasts all of five minutes. Drawn to each other like never before, they’re both wary of being ripped apart even as their feelings pull them into a  passion-filled whirlwind.

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Book Thirteen in the Firefly Hollow Series.

Molly Campbell never expected to find herself working as a waitress in a diner in the middle of small-town Tennessee. She certainly never anticipated that she would develop feelings for one of the diner’s patrons, never mind that she would find herself homeless and having to rely on his kindness for shelter. But that’s where she ended up, struggling to reconcile reality with her hopes and dreams in order to come to terms with both.

Jonah Sutton doesn’t trust the redheaded Kentucky girl his aunt hired to help out in the diner. Convinced she’s hiding something, he vows to stick close so he can keep an eye on Molly. It doesn’t take long for his suspicion to turn to intrigue, and when a crisis hits close to home, he’s more than happy to step up and offer her his support. He never imagined his toughest battle would be figuring out a way to convince her to stay in Burning Springs and build a life with him. 

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Shadows… again?

Update: As of October 7, 2017, the series relaunch has begun! Please visit for more details. Wow, it’s been a while! I’m so sorry – I always have good intentions about not neglecting this blog. Someday, I’ll get better. Maybe. Eh… probably...

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A Quick Note from Molly Campbell

A Quick Note from Molly Dear Awesome and Fabulous Readers, Molly Campbell here. I’m getting ready to run away from home, and I didn’t want to just up and leave without letting you know I was going. See, life isn’t working out quite the way I’d hoped it would. My job...

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