Previously released as Sunset Motel, Book Two.

Liam McKinnon is holed up at the Sunset Motel while he tries to figure out how to piece his fractured life back together. He walked away from everything after a devastating betrayal by the woman he’d been set to marry. Now, months later, he has to decide whether to go back to that old life or move forward with something entirely different. It doesn’t help that his new neighbor has him tied in hard knots of lust and longing.

Inspired by an erotic, love-filled journal, Samantha Crews arrives at the Sunset in search of some hard-won peace of mind. Still reeling from the blows of a tragedy two years earlier, she longs to find what she’s been missing these past years–herself. When a conflagration of sensual fire flares up between her and Liam, she doesn’t know what to think. All she can do is hold on and enjoy the burn.