1960, Appalachia. The introvert meets the beautiful girl next door. 

Except Owen isn’t just introverted – he’s a mysterious recluse who can shapeshift. He keeps to himself, finding isolation less painful than trying to fit in. Lonely, yes, but safe. If people knew the truth, he’d never have another moment’s peace. So he doesn’t need a woman in his life… Especially not if the “girl” is his lovely, intriguing neighbor Sarah, newly returned from college, whom he just caught trespassing on his land…

When he runs her off with a warning – never cross the line between their properties again – she’s barely out of sight before he has second thoughts. Maybe he overreacted. Maybe… he should go after the girl and apologize.

Instead, he runs.

But he doesn’t stay gone – he needs to get to know Sarah, regardless of the risk to his heart, so he returns, determined to get to know her.

Just as they’re falling in love, separate family tragedies unfold, and misunderstandings force them apart. Will they allow the secrets to come between them, like the line that separates their mountain homes? Or will they find the courage to reach for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love?