Detective Stacy Kirchner has given up on finding Mr. Right. Convinced a happily ever after simply isn’t in the cards for her, she focuses instead on building her career and making her small house a comfortable home to share with her cat, Chloe. Without warning, she finds herself thrust into a world filled with uncertainty and deception. Struggling to keep ahead of a malicious prankster hell-bent on destroying everything she’s worked for, Stacy is blind-sided by her feelings for dark and mysterious Galen Gordon.

After a series of devastating losses, Galen Gordon is moving forward. The former FBI agent is settling comfortably into life in small-town southern Indiana. He’s finally ready to risk losing his heart again, to reach for what he wants–a life with Stacy. All he has to do is convince her the idea has merit. That, and keep her alive in the face of growing danger.