The Books In Order

Firefly Hollow Series:

1. Firefly Hollow

10. Kathy (Takes place chronologically after Firefly Hollow, so I’m putting it here. Yes, I recommend reading it before Butterfly Lane, but you don’t have to.)

2. Butterfly Lane

3. Dragonfly Creek

4. Cattail Ridge

5. Cricket Cove

6. Stormking Road

7. Fern Valley

8. Snapdragon Way

9. Stardust Valley

10. Kathy

11. Spring Valley

12. Murky Pond

13. Burning Springs

Bonus Book: Letters from Owen (Firefly Hollow Snapshots book, novella length.)

Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Series:

For information on this series, please click here.

Writing as Mallory Love:

Capturing Colleen (Sunset Motel, Book One)

Seducing Samantha (Sunset Motel, Book Two)

Misc. Shorts, etc.

Domestic Disturbance (originally published in “Pink Snowbunnies from Hell” anthology) (Shadows/Leroy’s Sins)

Archer’s Cat (bonus short story, takes place after Cricket Cove.)